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Dental CE Trips to Italy

Welcome! 🇺🇸

Welcome to Italianissimo, your go-to travel website featuring the best selection of itineraries to Italy, dental CE conferences, and travel dental CE opportunities tailored to dentists, hygienists, dental professionals, and travelers looking for authentic cultural experiences.

The Italian Experience🇮🇹

with continuing education (CE) opportunities

All-inclusive Italy trip: the best travel experience, none of the hassle.

Lacy, GoItalianissimo

Not interested in dealing with crowds, logics, hassles, not understanding how things work in Italy? That’s where I come in. 

Traveling to Italy with me is traveling like a local. I lived in Italy for 2 years, and speak Italian. With me, you eat in local restaurants where I know the owners, have private drivers to take you smoothly from place to place, stay in 4-star hotels centrally located, but tucked in quiet streets. We get to know iconic sights with local guides who are well-spoken and have a deep knowledge. We take a hands-on cooking class where you’ll learn skills you can use at home. Don’t just be another tourist, be a traveler and experiencer of the best of Italy! 

Dental CE Event + Ferrari Factory

May 16-27, 2024

Dental CE Trips 2024

Dental CE Trips 2024 + 2025 🦷

10 year anniversary 🎉 

Celebrating a decade of excellence, welcome to - Your hub for dental CE conferences, authentic cultural experiences, and premium itineraries to Italy. Join us on a journey that transcends education, embracing the rich tapestry of Italy.

Italy Trips 2024+2025

Looking for a Dental Conference Italy? 2024 Dental Continuing Education Vacations?  Dental CE Courses in Europe? Dental CE Travel? CE in Italy? You're in the right place!

Italy Tours

We offer: Dental CE trips to Italy, private guided trips for families, couples and groups of friends, and small group trips of up to 10 people.

Trip Planning 

We'd be happy to design and book your entire trip, or we can

book specific services like trains, hotels, restaurants, museum tickets, wine tours, or private tour guides for you.  


"There are no words to describe the beautiful and breathtaking Italian vacation Lacy planned for us. We enjoyed memorable experiences in Capri, Rome and Florence. Lacy booked our train tickets, our housing accommodations (hotel and Airbnb), personal drivers, private and group tours of Pompeii, the Vatican, Uffizi Art Gallery, the Statue of David, and a champagne hot air balloon ride over Tuscany. In addition, she gave me private Italian lessons. Lacy was a pleasure to work with. Without her assistance, we would not have enjoyed such a wonderful trip. We are looking forward to planning our next adventure with her!"

- Kathrine J.


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