Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate 


This service is perfect for travelers who just need help with a couple of specific thingsThey aren't looking for full travel planning services, they just want tailored advice, recommendations or help with a few things they are unsure about or don't have time to figure out on their own. If you hire us by the hour, here is what you can expect: 


We'll give you an estimate of how many hours the specific task will take, and we can schedule when we'll deliver it to you.


We can help you by the hour with things like:



  • itinerary setup

  • itinerary review

  • answer questions about trip and packing

  • tips on getting the most value out of Italy

  • recommendations and booking of private tour guide or private driver

  • book train tickets

  • book museum tickets

  • restaurant recommendations


Pricing: $65/hr