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Italy Travel Coaching

Italy Travel Coaching


This service is perfect for independent travelers that enjoy planning and booking their own trips, but are overwhelmed by the information and options, and just need some personalized curated options. They don't want full travel planning services, they just need expert tailored recommendations and they can take it from there.


If you hire us for Italy Travel Coaching, here is what you can expect: 


First of all, please note that coaching is conducted completely via email and is done over the course of 7 days, scheduled on days that are mutually convenient. Owner Lacy Edney leads all coaching sessions, and you can expect about 1 hour of her time on your coaching day to give recommendations on the items below, based on the Go Italianissimo Trip Planning Process: 


1. We'll set up a time to get to know you, your interests, ideas for your trip, budget, ages, and style of traveling. We'd like to know if you've been to Italy before, and if so where you went. We want to get to know you so we can design a trip that you are going to love!


2. We'll put together an overall itinerary that includes everything you have in mind, plus some things we think you'll enjoy. At this point in the process, you'll know what cities you'll visit, the highlights of your trip, and how you'll be getting A to B in Italy.


3. We'll start sending you tailored accommodations recommendations that fit your preferences, budget, and timeframe. We love to find out your style of traveling and accommodations preferences - do you like 4* hotels, cozy Airbnbs in local areas, agriturismos, boutique hotels or villas? Would you like a view, a pool, an on-site restaurant or spa? 


4. Then, we'll send you links to our recommended private tour guides, tours, and activities, and you can go and book your favorites. 


5. Next, we'll discuss logistics and explain how to book train tickets, everything you need to know about renting a car, and we'll connect you to our private drivers if you need a transfer.


6. After that, we'll discuss food and wine! We'll recommend places restaurants, cafes, gelaterias and wine bars where you can get authentic Italian food. We can also make recommendations for those with food allergies and preferences like vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan.


7. Finally, we'll send you our pre-trip checklist to make sure you feel informed and confident about packing, cell phones, driving in Italy, withdrawing money, travel insurance, maps, phrasebooks, and tipping.



Starting at $350* 

*Price may increase according to the length of travel and the complexity of the trip design. 

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