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Conversational Italian Classes

Interactive conversation-based Italian classes for your trip to Italy! 


I offer 1-hour online customized Italian classes tailored specifically to your needs and interests. I like to pair Italian language skills with Italian cultural tips to help you blend right in with the locals. You will feel confident navigating your way through Italy and into conversations with locals. Here are some topics I can teach you:

-Introducing yourself


-Basic conversation

-Asking for directions

-Order at a cafe and restaurant

-Shopping phrases + vocabulary

-Shortcut to speaking Italian

Classes Anchor


Classes are $40/hour.

I accept cash, check, Payment and Venmo payments.


Lakshmi K.

"Lacy is a great teacher! For a person like me who speaks no languages with Latin roots, Lacy's approach was simple. She focused on casual conversations to get myself familiar with the language. She also contrasts the language with English and helps to identify structure and grammar. She showed exemplary patience when I made mistakes. In weeks, I could start writing simple sentences and have small talk in Italian. Learning a new language can be hard but I was lucky to find a really patient teacher. I highly recommend Lacy."

Brittany A.

"I hired Lacy for a language refresh with advanced level Italian for an upcoming vacation. Was I thoroughly impressed? Yes! Not only was Lacy incredibly creative, implementing exercises that dove deep into language instruction, but she has an advanced understanding of Italian grammatical structure. I was able to use a higher level of Italian after 3 months with Lacy than even after a year of foreign study with fellow American students. I highly recommend Lacy, whether you're a beginner or advanced with Italian language, she will get you speaking!"  

Jared M.

"It was great having the opportunity to review some Italian words and phrases with Lacy for my upcoming trip to Italy. She was very patient and helpful going over the material." 

Neil S.

"Lacy's 'tutorial' was the perfect preparation for our first trip to Italy. Not only did we have a very helpful language lesson (the basics of how to get around, order food, find accommodations, etc.), but she helped us to navigate Firenze, which museums to see and when, how to make reservations before going (a must!), and secret spots like dining on the bridge at dusk."

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